The entries in the First round will be evaluated on various parameters including originality of the idea,design considerations and use case relevance.

The Skype round will primarily ascertain credentials of the participants, authenticity of the proposal and implementation strategies.

Final Hackathon:

The theme will be declared on the 18th September via email. The Teams cannot write any code beforehand, but they can use existing open source libraries and APIs and pre-made wireframes.

Each team will have to carry their own laptops and install the Platforms, any tools, libraries that would be needed.

Participants will be required to present their ideas to the judges, during an ongoing evaluation process.

Participants should also be prepared to tweak their ideas, to include minor modifications introduced by the judges.

Final Judging Criteria

The Judges will consider the following four criteria for judging the entries. Each application will be evaluated and the scores would be given accordingly:

  • Innovativeness / Originality of Idea – How new is this idea? This could be a radical innovation or a meaningful new take on an existing product or service.
  • Impact – Does the App/Product have the ability to make its users’ lives better, for example by helping them save more, make better financial decisions, or reduce debt.
  • Market Viability – Does the App/Product show promise of performing in the marketplace?
  • Design Considerations and Functionality – How well does App/Product perform the function defined by Participant?
  • Code Maturity
  • UI and presentation skills. Participants will have to make a short video of their completed project for the final presentation.